Publications and Projects


  1. Forgiveness & Atonement: Christ’s Restorative Sacrifice (Routledge Academic, 2022)
  2. A Contemporary Reader in Analytic Theology (T&T Clark, Edited with Joshua Cockayne & Oliver D. Crisp, forthcoming).
  3. Paradox & Contradiction in Theology (Routledge Academic, forthcoming).


  1. “Humean Arguments, Update Procedures, and Perspectival Skeptical Theism,” Res Philosophica (forthcoming).
  2. “Wrighting Natural Theology: Personal Knowledge of God & the Importance of Narrative” in Essays in Honor of N. T. Wright, by Joshua Cockayne and Mitchell Mallory (Routledge Academic, forthcoming).
  3. “Narrative and Atonement: The Ministry of Reconciliation in the Work of James H. Cone” Religions (forthcoming).
  4. “Unlimited Atonement and the Nature of Forgiveness,” in Amyraldism: Unlimited Atonement, edited by Michael Bird and Scott Harrower (Kregel Publishing, forthcoming).
  5. “Separating the Theological Sheep from the Philosophical Goats,” Journal of Analytic Theology Vol. 9 (2021): 205-222.
  6. “Tempering the Cosmic Scope Problem of Christian Soteriology,” Religious Studies Vol. 57, no. 2 (2021): 266-286.
  7. “Analyzing the Muddles of Analysis: (Some of) What Analytic Theologians Can Learn from the History of Analytic Feminism,” Modern Theology Vol. 36, no. 3 (2020): 569-581.
  8. “Perspectival Skeptical Theism,” Faith and Philosophy 36.2 (2019): 244-264.
  9. “Purgatory, Hypertime and Temporal Experience,” Journal of Analytic Theology 6 (2018): 151-161.
  10. “Retributivism Rejected: A Restorative Hope for Justice in the Age to Come,” in Being Saved: Explorations in Soteriology and Human Ontology, edited by Marc Cortez, Joshua Farris, and Mark Hamilton, 40-53 (London: SCM Press, 2018).
  11. “Original Sin, the Fall, and Epistemic Self-Trust,” TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology 2.1 (2018): 84-94.
  12. “Commonsense, Skeptical Theism, and Different Sorts of Closure of Inquiry Defeat,” Faith and Philosophy 34.1 (2017): 17-32.
  13. “Skeptical Theism, Moral Skepticism & Epistemic Propriety,” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 81.3 (2017): 263-272.
  14. “The Parent Analogy: A Reassessment,” International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 82.1(2017): 5-14.
  15. “An Epistemological Corrective for Doctrines of Assurance,” European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 9.1 (2017): 163-177.

Current Projects

  1. A Response to Westerholm on Analytic Theology as Systematic Theology
  2. On Stump on Sacrifice
  3. Perspectival Skeptical Theism & Humean Arguments
  4. Narrative Identity & The New Covenant
  5. Characterization Identity & Hylomorphic Animalism
  6. Logic & Theology
  7. Perspectival Skeptical Theism

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